In a perfect world, all children in Oxfordshire will grow into adulthood confident, happy and engaged.

Our Mission

VIP+ engages with vulnerable 5 -18 year olds in Oxfordshire, to support them to gain skills and lead happy and confident lives.

Empowering children and young people to use their voice in decisions affecting themselves, providing opportunities to develop supportive skills and further enhance and enrich their own lives through education, play, leisure and cultural activities.

We work with statutory and voluntary services to ensure that the children and young people that we work with are supported with the following:

  • Positive and consistent non-parent adult role model

  • Engagement in positive activities and peer relationships

  • Engagement in Education

  • Physical health and emotional wellbeing

“Oxfordshire County Council has a well established partnerships with VIP+ who have since 2012 been providing after school clubs and activities in the school holidays for 5-18 year olds. From Riverside, Forest Schools, Clumps Club, Creative Science, VIP+ have highly enhanced our Looked After Children and able to work in a therapeutic way with a some of our most challenging and vulnerable children and young people”
— Matthew Edwards, Corporate Parenting Manager
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