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Branch Up  

Branch Up organises free Saturday activity days for children from disadvantaged backgrounds aged 7-12. The children enjoy a range of cultural, recreational and social activities that they would not ordinarily have access to. These activities focus on developing the child's self esteem, social skills and confidence, with the long-term aim of raising their future aspirations. Each child is always paired with a highly motivated and committed student volunteer from Oxford Brookes or Oxford University. This gives the child positive role models.


Branch Up are now also running sports activity days! These run across 3 Sundays and offer the same benefits as Branch Up this time aimed towards getting children aged 7-12 interested in sports. There will be a focus on getting children to participate in light physical activity and find an activity they enjoy. They will again be paired with a committed student volunteer to help encourage the young person. 

How do the activity days run?

Branch Up

The activity days run for the full day, for three Saturdays of each academic term.
We pick the child up from their house and drop them off at the end of the day.

Previous activity days have included a range of arts and crafts, such as painting and pottery making, cultural visits to the Ashmolean Museum, Oxford Castle and Pitt River. Children have also had recreational outings such as bowling and ice-skating, as well as sports workshops run by sports teams from both universities.

Branch Up Sports

The activity days run for the full day, for three Saturdays of the academic term. Like Branch Up, each child is picked up from home and dropped of at the end of the day. 

Previous activity days have included a visit to Bounce Trampoline Park in Milton Keynes and a  fun sports day at Harcourt Hill. 

The next series of Branch Up Sport 


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